Travis Okahara

Full Stack Engineer

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Travis Okahara Full Stack Engineer

About Me

I grew up traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. These experiences left a deep impact on me and spurred my interest in how individuals view and interact with the world around them.

I work at DocuSign as a Software Engineer!

Since joining DocuSign in June 2020 I have worked in the Signing org, on the Documents and Access team.


What I do

As a Full Stack Engineer I love seeing the entire story.


I conceive and envision new features for client websites, internal applications, and system processes and monitoring.


I enjoy selecting and fitting together the right tools and processes necessary to build out reliable and automated systems and features.


I love making custom websites and knowing how the front end, back end, database, and third party services work together.

My Work

DocuSign Signing DocuSign Signing Mobile


Back End, Kusto, & Hadoop

DocuSign has been on a mission to accelerate business and simplify life for companies and people around the world.


Rover Website ROver Mobile Website

Front End, Back End, PostgresSQL, Docker, & AWS

Whether you need in-home dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, or day care, Rover connects pet parents with dog people who’ll treat their pets like family.


FallSafety Dashboard Website WorkerSafety Pro iOS Application

FallSafety Suite

iOS, Front End, Back End, MongoDB, Machine Learning, & GCP

The safety product suite is designed to be used by businesses, communities, individuals, and organizations. Subscribe online for consolidated billing.


FallSafety Website FallSafety Mobile Website


Front End, Back End, MongoDB, Data Pipeline, Machine Learning, iOS, & GCP

FallSafety alerts people in the case of a fall for people who work at height. In emergency situations, response time matters. FallSafety alerts emergency contacts and tells them your location in order to speed response.


Santa Clara Systems Website Santa Clara Systems Mobile Website

Santa Clara Systems

Front End, Back End, MySQL, GCP, & System Architecture

Santa Clara Systems is a distributor of factory automation and industrial controls. As wholesale electrical consolidators, Santa Clara Systems maintains an inventory of new and obsolete parts utilized in all areas of the manufacturing and industrial sectors.


3xEquity Website 3xEquity Mobile Website


Front End, Back End, CloudSQL, & GCP

3xEquity was founded by one of the top financial planning companies in the country. They have analyzed hundreds of practices, purchased several, and have passed on many. 3xEquity is positioned to purchase, partner, or provide financing for financial practice. They also bring buyers and sellers together from across the country.


AAWindowGutter Website AAWindowGutter Mobile Website

AA Window and Gutter

Front End, Back End, & GCP

AA Window and Gutter is a regional window, gutter, roof and driveway cleaning services provider. Focused on providing high quality services to Washington and Portland, Oregon AA Window and Gutter push the boundaries on exterior home cleaning with the use of cutting edge technology and tools to get the job done while protecting their customer's homes.


3xEquity Website GinaIshikawa Mobile Website

Gina Ishikawa

Front End, Back End, & GCP

Gina Ishikawa (my aunty) is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MAT 4868) that has been providing massage services in Kailua, Hawaii (Oahu) since 1998. Her office is located in the heart of Kailua Town in the Kailua Medical Arts Building (MAE 2172) on Uluniu Street.